Post-Retirement Employment

Many members will decide to return to work while receiving a FCERA pension benefit.  If you choose to work for anyone other than a FCERA Plan Sponsor, that employment will have no effect on your FCERA pension benefit.

If you are thinking about retirement and potentially working for a reciprocity-eligible California Public Agency, we would encourage you to contact a Retirement Specialist to discuss the benefits of reciprocity versus the benefits of receiving a pension benefit while working for that California Public Agency.

If you would like to return to work after retirement for a FCERA Plan Sponsor:

  • You may work a maximum of 960 hour per year
  • You cannot return as a full-time employee, you must work in an extra-help, contractual, or temporary service position
  • There is a mandatory 180 day break between retirement and date of rehire
  • You may not have received unemployment benefits within one year prior to returning to work in these capacities