Explore Our FCERA Member Portal

Explore Our FCERA Member Portal

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Members can utilize the FCERA Member Portal to find out their estimated benefit amount.  The Benefit Calculator inside the member portal can help a member estimated monthly benefit amounts for various dates.


    If you have an account, you can log into the portal or you can register for an account here:  Member Portal | Register


    You can view more information about the FCERA Member Portal here: Creating a Member Portal Account


    If you have any questions please contact our office.

    Your allowance is based on your age at retirement, highest final average monthly compensation, years of service credit and benefit tier.

    As an FCERA retiree, you are entitled to a lifetime monthly benefit – that means you will get paid every month until you pass away. If you are the surviving beneficiary of an FCERA retiree, you may be entitled to a continuance of that benefit for the rest of your life.

    Notify the FCERA office immediately by mail or in person using the Name and Address Change Form. For your protection, all requests for address changes must be made in writing and submitted by mail or drop off to our office. If you have health insurance or REFCO dues being deducted, you will need to contact these agencies to notify them of your change of address.

    No, members do not need to notify FCERA when they terminate employment because FCERA is officially notified of changes in employment status via the payroll process. When FCERA receives this information, staff reviews the contribution history and service credit accrual for the affected members and provides them with a Disposition form and Instructions This form provides more detailed information regarding the options available to you.

    Federal law allows up to six months to process a refund of contributions.  However, at FCERA, most refund checks are issued within 90 days of receipt of paperwork requesting the refund of contributions, providing that termination has occurred at the time of receipt.