Are you thinking about retiring within the next 3 months? If you are, the following may help you. If you haven’t already scheduled an appointment to speak with a Retirement Specialist to discuss your retirement benefit, this would be a good time to do so. You can use the Member Portal Retirement Benefit Calculator,  which is a great tool to use in planning your retirement. If you haven’t yet registered for the Member Portal, please call us at 559-457-0681 to receive your Unique Identifier.

We recommend that you contact us to schedule an appointment when you are 90 days away from your retirement date.  We will schedule an appointment to discuss your retirement and to file your retirement application within 60 days of your anticipated date of retirement. Some of the following documents may already be in your retirement file, if not, FCERA will need them in order to process your retirement benefit:

  • Copy of your birth certificate
  • Copy of your beneficiary(ies) birth certificate
  • Copy of your marriage license or Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership, if applicable
  • Complete conformed copy (with the court clerk’s filing date stamp and judge’s signature) of your Judgment of Dissolution, if applicable

Social Security estimate of benefits dated within six months of your date of retirement, if you are interested in the temporary annuity option Please note that if you are in the process of a divorce at the time of retirement, FCERA cannot pay your retirement allowance until the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage is final and a court order directing the community property division of your FCERA benefits are received.

To schedule a retirement appointment with us or to confirm the documents contained in your retirement file, please call 559-457-0681 or email to speak with a Retirement Specialist.

Click here for more information about retirement planning.