The Fresno County Employees’ Retirement Association (FCERA) is an independent association established and governed by the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937.  FCERA operates a defined benefit pension plan providing retirement, death, and disability benefits for its eligible members and beneficiaries.  FCERA is a cost sharing, multiple employer plan serving the County of Fresno, Superior Courts of Fresno County, Fresno Madera Area Agency on Aging, Clovis Veterans Memorial District, and the Fresno Mosquito Vector Control District. FCERA was founded in 1944 by the County of Fresno Board of Supervisors.  FCERA operates under the authority granted by the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937, also known as CERL or the 1937 Act.  FCERA also operates under the California Constitution, the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA), and the laws governing fiduciaries. FCERA staff is responsible for controlling and accounting for contributions and investment income under the direction of a nine-member Board of Retirement. FCERA identifies, develops and proposes laws, rules and policies that support the best interest of its members. In addition to providing members information about laws, by-laws and policies, FCERA offers individual counseling to members in preparation for retirement.


Provide secure retirement benefits and quality service to our members and beneficiaries while investing the assets of the plan within prudent levels of risk.


A trusted and stable partner in the financial security of FCERA’s sponsors, members, and beneficiaries


Our value lies in our commitment to deliver service in an accurate, courteous, prompt and professional manner.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our members, the public, our coworkers, and the Board of Retirement.


We hold ourselves to high standards of performance demonstrating a value for learning and continuous improvement. We take pride in the work we do, continuously striving to exceed our goals. We encourage an open and diverse environment and a “CAN DO” attitude.


We encourage a professional environment, maintaining confidentiality and performing job functions in an ethical and objective manner. As professionals, we understand the importance of listening to and respecting others’ ideas and perspectives open-mindedly.  Professionalism is necessary to keep all employees motivated.


We are committed to a team-oriented approach to provide the highest level of service to our members. We value open communication, sharing knowledge, resources and ideas.  Working together to reach common goals is the essence of success.  Together we achieve more.


We at FCERA act ethically and honestly, honoring our commitments, abiding by policies, and building trust with our members and co-workers. Integrity guides all of our work relationships.


We take ownership of our work to provide accurate, complete, and timely results. We accept the responsibility to communicate and interact openly with all FCERA staff to develop the tools and training necessary to complete our assignments.  We will take the initiative to be a part of the success of the FCERA team.


We promote a resourceful environment where new ideas and approaches are implemented to help our daily tasks flow smoothly and efficiently. Our focus is on proactively communicating and implementing activities to encourage and energize staff to create a positive environment and seek new ways to educate and inform members about the retirement process.  It is our goal to plan strategically for the future.