Retired Members

Who is a Retired Member?

A Retired Member is anyone who is currently receiving a benefit payment from Fresno County Employees’ Retirement Association (FCERA).  This includes members who were previously employed with a FCERA Plan Sponsor and service retired, those who have disability retired, and beneficiaries of FCERA members. Member must sign a retirement application and submit other documents to retire.

When do I become a Retired Member?

That depends on your tier level, membership type, and your personal decision!  We will not begin retirement benefit payments until you elect to receive benefits; you can elect to take your retirement benefit payments any time after attaining eligibility.

How long will I receive my benefit?

As a FCERA retiree, you are entitled to a lifetime monthly benefit – that means you will get paid every month until you pass away.  If you are the surviving beneficiary of a FCERA retiree, you may be entitled to a continuance of that benefit for the rest of your life.