Deferred Members

Who is a Deferred Member?

A deferred member:

  • Is someone who no longer is actively employed with one of our Plan Sponsors
  • Has left their contributions on deposit with FCERA
  • Has not yet begun receiving retirement benefit payments

When do I become a Deferred Member?

You become a deferred member as soon as you terminate employment with a Plan Sponsor, provided that you leave your contributions on deposit with us.  You will stop being a deferred member when you a) remove your contributions through refund or rollover or b) begin receiving benefit payments as a retiree.

What should I know about being a Deferred Member?

  • We ask that you keep us up to date with any name, address, or beneficiary changes. We will continue to send you important plan documents and newsletters.
  • You can still take advantage of the Member Portal to run benefit estimate calculations.
  • We will not begin your benefit payment until you complete an application to retire.