About Active Members

Who is an Active Member?

An Active Member is one who is currently working for one of our Plan Sponsors (County of Fresno, Superior Courts of Fresno County, Fresno-Madera Area Agency on Aging, Clovis Veterans Memorial District, and the Fresno Mosquito Vector Control District) and are currently paying membership contributions.

When do I become an Active Member?

Membership in FCERA begins the first day of your second pay period, which is also when your contributions begin.

Can I opt-out of membership?
No.  Membership is mandatory for all those who are working 50% or more of full-time as permanent employees (not temporary or extra-help).

I previously worked as extra-help.  Now I’m a permanent full-time employee.  Do I get anything for my extra-help time?

You have the option to purchase your extra-help or part-time service that you worked prior to becoming a member of FCERA.  Click here for the Request for Service Credit Calculation form.

When am I considered vested?

You are considered fully vested in your pension when you have at least 5 years of service credit.  Vesting is the first step to becoming retirement eligible.  You also need to be vested for certain death and disability benefits.